Friday 3rd August to Sunday 5th August 2018

This years theme – Winter Olympics Summer Spectacular

We pride ourselves on arranging one of the friendliest and funniest hockey festivals in the UK. The festival is organised and run by seasoned tour veterans, between us we’ve been on an ungodly amount of them so it’s given us an insight into what you might want out of a sunny weekend of hockey shenanigans in August

Games are mainly on the Saturday with final group games and playoffs on Sunday.

Our festival is about fun and meeting awesome people. We have made friends throughout the country through putting this festival on, it brings us great joy to hear how much they enjoy our festival and drives us to make it better each year for you.

Key points;

  • MIXED 7-a-side hockey on both Grass and Astro
  • £175 entry for a team of ten
  • Camping on site included in entry price at our beautiful wooded location overlooked by the viaduct
  • Fancy dress Saturday night in the Lockwood Park clubhouse
  • DJ each night and maybe a bit of Kareoke
  • Competitions for fancy dress (individuals and teams)

Scroll down for contact info, how to enter, what facilities we have, the tournament rules and directions to get here

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How to enter:

Each team costs £175 which covers 10 participants and a playing slot in the competition

You can bring more than 10 people with each individual costing an additional £10 payable on the weekend. Additional attendees may be playing or non-playing

Please note that this is a mixed tournament and we will not accept all male teams

Entry is payment in full via Paypal and can be done on by clicking on this link

Festival Entry [takes you to Huddersfield Dragons Website]

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  • Your entry includes camping on grass next to the pitches. We have loads of room so Gazebos are allowed. Just don’t take up loads of room when you pitch up
  • We will arrange for port-a-loos close to the camping and pitches. Showers and nicer toilets are a 5 minute walk to the main clubhouse
  • We will have a can bar serving hot and cold beverages throughout the day. The main clubhouse bar will be open both evenings.
  • Food will be available to purchase next to the camping areas. More info to follow
  • Be prepared to carry your stuff from the car park to the campsite (200m).


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  • 7-a-side half pitch. Mixture of Grass and Astro
  • There must be a minimum of three female outfielders on the pitch at all times during games
  • Keepers may be female or male, if you are not playing a keeper then kicking backs are not allowed for safety reasons
  • No abuse of umpires, or aggressive behaviour to anyone will be tolerated, if you act in that manner then you’re in the wrong place and you will be asked to leave.
  • Long corners are placed at a distance the umpire decides is ok
  • 5 metre rule as per usual
  • Defensive shorts: 5 defenders back (Inc. Keeper), 2 players must be stood in the other ‘D’
  • Reverse stick shots only allowed within reason and only if you can accurately place the ball on the ground. [Do not smash it because you think it looks cool, it doesn’t and everyone will think you are a prick]
  • No trying to volley the ball in the air [See above]
  • No drinks on the pitch
  • Every team has that one lad who’s thinks he’s amazing. Gently remind them that they aren’t and no one cares
  • Players must wear personal protective equipment during games; it is your own responsibility to wear it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
  • Try to find the right level of tour hockey with your opponents; don’t be that team who’s trying too hard and don’t be that team who doesn’t try at all
  • Please turn up to all matches; your opponents and umpire have made the effort to get there. We’ve built the schedule to allow plenty of time for mischief between games
  • The most important rule is to be happy, make friends with your opposition and have fun!!!