• 7-a-side half pitch. Mixture of Grass and Astro
  • There must be a minimum of three female outfielders on the pitch at all times during games
  • Keepers may be female or male, if you are not playing a keeper then kicking backs are not allowed for safety reasons
  • No abuse of umpires, or aggressive behaviour to anyone will be tolerated, if you act in that manner then you’re in the wrong place and you will be asked to leave.
  • Long corners are placed at a distance the umpire decides is ok
  • 5 metre rule as per usual
  • Defensive shorts: 5 defenders back (Inc. Keeper), 2 players must be stood in the other ‘D’
  • Reverse stick shots only allowed within reason and only if you can accurately place the ball on the ground. [Do not smash it because you think it looks cool, it doesn’t and everyone will think you are a prick]
  • No trying to volley the ball in the air [See above]
  • No drinks on the pitch
  • Every team has that one lad who’s thinks he’s amazing. Gently remind them that they aren’t and no one cares
  • Players must wear personal protective equipment during games; it is your own responsibility to wear it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
  • Try to find the right level of tour hockey with your opponents; don’t be that team who’s trying too hard and don’t be that team who doesn’t try at all
  • Please turn up to all matches; your opponents and umpire have made the effort to get there. We’ve built the schedule to allow plenty of time for mischief between games
  • The most important rule is to be happy, make friends with your opposition and have fun!!!